Park Girls Lacrosse Club has fun and competitive girls lacrosse teams in Kansas City North. Our teams play in the Kansas City Metro Girls Lacrosse League.


My daughter has never played lacrosse before, how can we learn more?


That’s awesome.  Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and this area is no different.  Club activities can be found at  In season, come out to a practice or a game, meet some folks, pick up a stick.  Offseason, the club offers summer, fall, and winter activities designed to welcome new players and families.  We have a great group of board members and coordinators to point you in the right direction.



What kind of equipment do we need?


Beyond the uniform, your daughter will need the following for games and practices:  Mouth guard, goggles, lacrosse stick and a practice pinnie; See graphic  If your player is a goalie, see the equipment on this graphic.  Dick’s Sporting Goods has affordable stick and goggle sets that are perfect for beginner players.




When does the season start?


Lacrosse is a spring sport.  Practices start in late-February to mid-March, games are typically in April and May with the season concluding in mid-May.  Check the schedule for specific dates each year.  That’s not all-the club offers clinics in summer, fall, and winter.




When / where are my team practices?


You can check your specific team schedule on the website under the “Teams” tab.  If you signed up for reminders on your account, you will also receive notifications.  Changes in schedules will be communicated via txt and/or email.




There are no tags on my daughters current uniform.  How can I find out what the size is?


Once signed into your account, you can always check past registration information to see sizes you ordered.  Click on “edit my account” located under the “home” tab.  From there you can click on past registrations to get the info you need.  If that doesn’t work, you can also email .  Please remember:  our uniforms are very cool but have a lead time on special orders.   Late or last-minute signups will impact uniform selection. 



Is there a uniform size guide?


Yes!  You will see a graphic to help you in the registration screen.




How do I get my uniform?


Uniforms usually take around 6 weeks for delivery and will be distributed to each coach to hand out to their players.  This method will also be used for any other type of online store orders.  Squad locker spirit wear orders will be shipped directly to your address.




What happens if my daughter loves lacrosse and wants to play more?


In addition to the year-round activities offered by the club, there are several off-season programs that are available beyond Park Girls Lacrosse.  These range from speed and agility programs to summer travel and league teams.  Women’s college lacrosse is exploding and college coaches are in regular contact with the club looking to recruit girls to continue their student-athlete careers at the next level.